My two characters in Dark souls 2. Went melee first then recently I beat the game again with a cleric. Props if you recognize all the equipment!

Google hangout warm up.

Google hangout warm up.


Hello! For those of you who doesn’t know I made a comic not too long ago, (a 22 paged fantasy comic in color), that I made into a zine to sell at the Stockholm comic expo. Anyway, I managed to sneak print 5 copies of it before I finished school and thought that some of you might be interested to have them! I’m thinking 8 dollars / 6 euros per zine. As for shipping, since its such a small number of zines, can be discussed with every buyer. 

Every zine will come with an exclusive drawing, as is shown above which I made for a previous customer.

I’ll be using paypal and you can contact me via tumblr or mail

( ) 

All the best! : ) - Matthieu

Dark castle.

Been way into the dark castles and graveyard fantasy themes lately. Wish I could make a game with something like this ( or.. a comic, hmmmmm…).

Vampire vacation.
(Soon home..)

I’m currently on a vacation in France so I can just post sketches for now. But I’ll be home soon enough to post better and more quality stuff. ; )

Little My doodle I drew while watching Julias moomin stream.

The show continues to amaze me in so many ways.

Playing around with the new brushes I bought from Kyle websters shop.

Nintendo sketches on the train.