Space girl warmup.

Wow! I didn’t even have time to react when going from 400 to 500, and then 600 followers! That’s over 200 followers just this month! Thank you all! 

Here, have some nice sketches! I wanna make a new comic… : (

Princess ain’t so peachy with Toad around.

A message from indiana-jonas
Your art is really cool! You've got a great sense of color and shape! :)

Wow!! Thank you indiana jones jonas!!! That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard today <3 Helps me strive to become even better!! Suuuuper appreciate it man!!  image

I’m Wario, Ima gonna win! Wahaha!

Some of my favorite animations/gifs I’ve done this year! 

Night sketch.

A message from ngoziu
Yo, do you have an about page? An FAQ? Your stuff is on another level!

Haha, aw geez, Thank you, Ngoziu!! Hmm, I’ve never thought about an about page, wouldn’t know what to write really. As for FAQ, I haven’t really had enough questions/asks to call any of them frequent hehe. But my ask box is always open and I’m always happy to answer questions and receive opinions about my work! It’s a delight! 


Easily one of the most touching moments of One piece! Seeing Luffy, who have stayed confident and without doubt throughout the story (up until that point), break down like he does really gets me.