Smash bros demo on friday! Woop woop!And the whole game a short time after that (hype)!

A bunch-o Kill la kill drawings I’ve made today. I miss watching this show…


I did Mathilde kittehs MGCL-GRL zine test, to find out what sort of magical girl I am! I am a plant type, I am pretty laid back and I use alchemy and spores in battle. My familiars/companions naturally won’t get along but I’m too good of a person/lazy to get annoyed. I actually hoped for plant type before I took the test, so I’m happy!

Drawing while I was doing a google hangout with ma buds Drobvirks and Bravo.

A message from art-calavera
Just dropping by to denote that you're extraordinarily awesome. Please do us all a favor and remain that way, thanks.

Oh my gosh! Thank you art-cavalera!! Hearing that from you woaah! I’ll do my best..staying the way I am..but better!!!image

Girls ‘n doodlin.

A message from Anonymous
I love your coloring, can you please show your process with coloring? if not, have a great day :> love your work man

Hi anon! This is a great ask! Hope I can provide a good ( and late ) answer! My way of coloring is always shifting though, but this is sorta how I work now.imageIt’s pretty simple really, lineart, main colors, gradient tool with the layer set to multiply, hue or overlay..etc and textures from either one of Kyle t websters brushes or photoshops own filter gallery. Like I said, my coloring process tend to shift and many a times I just trust my intuition. But this is probably the best I can give you for now, tutorial wise. Better than my process when I go for a more painting freestyle. Thanks again!!!


Been doing less lineart focused art lately, so there ya go.