Inktober 15, 16 and 17! Boom boom boom! 

Inktober 13 and 14. The best of all sweaters. 

( I used this reference for the spooky one )

A message from wendy--martin
Hey! I've been wondering recently what got you into art and what kind of things influenced your drawing style. Did you take inspiration from cartoons or video games? (sorry if my question is kinda vague) :)

Ah! That’s a big one!

Well, tbh, I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. My earliest drawings memories is of bloody stickmen wars, with either starwars or medivial themes, where I tried to fit as many units on the paper as possible! Over the years my interest in drawing has wavered but some years ago I took it serious enough to make it my life goal. In that time I’ve also tried to decide on where I wanted to take my art, and what my main inspirations should be. It’s gone from illustrator to concept artist for video games, comics and animation. Right now I’m either in the middle of everything or not near it at all, weird.

So really my style has developed from all of these different interests, going into specific names or products is pretty hard since there has been and is so many which I can say that I love and steal from. If someone notices something in my work that is similar to someone elses feel free to ask and I’ll gladly answer. But for a question this big I’ll have to summarize things and try to keep it short, as you can see on this wall of text above. Hope this serves as a sufficient answer, though!

Inktober 11 and 12. More spooky stuff!! Cute reaper and undead BOOgaloo!

A message from jakkios
Hi there! I was just wondering, do you have any tips/resources for using textures in art? Whenever I try to do it, it always comes out wrong. Thanks!

Hello jakkios! Hmm, the ways I usually do are either to use photoshops own filter gallery and select the grain in the texture option. I also tend to use Anna syvertssons watery ink texture, which you can find here, and set the layer blending mode to overlay/soft light! Sometimes I draw and mix a bunch of colors , as well as gradients, on an above layer and experiment with all the layer blending mode options. Kyle webster have a bunch of good texture brushes I’ve used a few times.

My tip is probably to find a bunch of ways to do textures, like these I’ve stated per example, and experiment as much as you can! I rarely get satisfied with a texture right away so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it good at the first try! Good luck! image

Inktober 9 and 10. Transparent raincoat and creatures of the night.

Inktober 7 and 8! Unsuspecting Gravedigger and executioners daughter!

Inktober 4,5 and 6. I’ve been playing the new smash bros, can you tell?


It’s Bonnie Bomber! Matthieu Cousin commissioned me to draw his character that I hope to see starring in an amazing boxing comic soon!

I’ve said so many times before but Matthieu is the coolest and you should follow him. Yes!

Aah! One of my OCs drawn by my awesome bud, sixteentons! So cool!! :D Thank you!!!! 


Two asks 

1, stylesmunson. Wowiwow!! Not an ask, but a great compliment on my work!!! Thank you so much styles! I love both anatomy and “animated” styles, so I’m glad to hear that it shows in my work! 

2, ruleof52. image

Hhehe. But yeah I tend to work a lot based on my intuition/instinct alone, especially with gradients. Also a lot of experimenting until it looks right for me. Thank you for taking interest in my gradients and characters btw! ^^